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Each page of the website is design-clad articles. Therefore, it consists of a title, introduction, development, conclusion paragraphs, pictures and videos.

Organic SEO is the name given to the work that is done so that websites can get better ranking on the result pages of search engines such as Google, Yandex, Bing, Yahoo. There are processes that need to be done on websites for organic SEO.

Implementing organic SEO on websites is a process. Effective creation of page name and page information is the beginning of the process. Producing original and useful content on the created pages and adding appropriate images, videos and resources to this content is important for SEO applications. Also, websites need to be developed according to the criteria that search engines want.

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Page Name

Page Name

First the page name (title) is emphasized to visitors. It should have a title that is meaningful for the content. Also, the page name should draw attention.

Page Information

Page Information

This is the preface (description) of the web page. Visitors will know here if the page is relevant to their query. The ideal length is 160 character.

Unique Content

Unique Content

What is more important than being able to do something; is to be able to put it into writing for effective presentation. Unique content is a ranking factor.



Pictures are resources related to visual memory that enable texts to be perceived and remembered better. Website pictures should be relevant to the content.



Videos that have become the entire world’s most important marketing tools with YouTube, make content that is comprised of text and pictures more effective.



Supporting the content published on the website with accurate and up-to-date resources is element that makes the content and the publisher be taken seriously.

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