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Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the determination and management of web software, design (UI/UX) and server standards with the goals of best accessibility and user experience.

Technical SEO is called the work done to ensure that your website meets the technical criteria demanded by the search engines, taking into account many technical features on the website.

Technical SEO makes your website work in accordance with the guidelines set by the search engines, thus increasing your ranking in the search results. Search engines evaluate websites and determine their rankings by looking at many technical SEO criteria such as HTTP status codes, link construction, robots.txt file and sitemap.

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While the website software, UI/UX, and organic SEO are good if the server configuration does not meet certain standards, you cannot get efficiency from SEO.

Link Building

Link Building

This is the most important issue for search engine optimization(SEO) after technical requirements. It should integrate the webpage with the overall website.



The is the best way to present website content to search engines. A properly configured sitemap.xml file supports the search engine indexing process.

ln/en/min/seo/technical-seo/http-status-codes/http-status-codes.jpg-|-HTTP Status Codes-|-HTTP Status Codes

HTTP Status Codes

These hold information on whether or not requests made to the website have reached the server and how they have been responded to.

ln/en/min/seo/technical-seo/website-speed/website-speed.jpg-|-Website Speed-|-Website Speed

Website Speed

Over 50% of visitors on a website that is slower than 2,5 sec. to open, give up waiting for the website to open and leave. Users are in a hurry.

ln/en/min/seo/technical-seo/crawl-budget/crawl-budget.jpg-|-Crawl Budget-|-Crawl Budget

Crawl Budget

Search engines crawl the website based on detected/declared (sitemap.xml, robots.txt) inventory and popularity without affecting bandwidth.

ln/en/min/seo/technical-seo/structured-data/structured-data.jpg-|-Structured Data-|-Structured Data

Structured Data

Contents of web pages are defined and transformed into structured data in accordance with international schema guidelines. Article, local business, event.

ln/en/min/seo/technical-seo/robots-txt-file/robots-txt-file.jpg-|-Robots.txt File-|-Robots.txt File

Robots.txt File

This is a content exclusion standard. It is set to authorize or prevent crawling of the web site pages. It is risky for pages that have security risks.

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