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While the website software, UI/UX, and organic SEO are good if the server configuration does not meet certain standards, you cannot get efficiency from SEO.

Computers that can connect to the internet at high speed, serve many users at the same time and work continuously are called servers. Servers are high-end computers in terms of hardware features such as memory, hard disk and CPU.

Servers host data and allow this data to be forwarded to other computers. Although there are many types of servers such as database server, VPN server, online game server, the most well-known are web servers. If you want to build a website and broadcast it on the internet, you need to rent part or all of a server. Holding websites on servers for viewing on the internet is also called web hosting. The more superior the features of the web server are the more efficiency can be obtained from the website and SEO work.

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Domain Name

Domain Name

Although there are many domain name extensions, the most important is the .com extension. Being short and related to the website topic is an advantage for SEO.

Band Width

Band Width

Instant and monthly bandwidth is limited in hosting packages. If the website software is developed with this in mind, effective use are achieved.

Server Speed

Server Speed

A server that uses an updated operating system, has high ram and cpu and is structured correctly will enable to website to operate faster.

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Web Hosting

Hosting is accommodating. All data related to the software, design and content of the website is accommodated on the dedicated hosting space on the server.

ln/en/min/seo/technical-seo/server/static-ip/static-ip.jpg-|-Static IP-|-Static IP

Static IP

A server can have multiple hosting accounts. Static IP is the basic solution for not being affected by the security problems of other websites on the server.



Broadcasters who only receive web hosting services are not given authority to access the server. Web hosting should be set under the control of experts.



The sending of user transactions to the server in an encrypted form on the website. The SSL (security certificate) is specific to the relevant domain.



As the distance between website visitors and the server attached to the physical address increases the website opens more slowly. Site speed is important.

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