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The is the best way to present website content to search engines. A properly configured sitemap.xml file supports the search engine indexing process.

A sitemap consists of XML files listing the URLs of the pages on the website. It is easy for users and search engines to understand. A sitemap will help search engines scan your website more easily.

It is very important to create a sitemap in order to perform SEO effectively. The sitemap enables search engine bots to know and understand better the pages they will scan and index. An XML sitemap consists of pages on your website that you definitely want indexed. A sitemap guides search engines for your webpage and thereby accelerates SEO work.

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This is the way to present the link(URL), lastmod, changefreq and priority of each page on the website for SEO. Breadcrumb shows to users which page they're on.

Image Sitemap

Image Sitemap

The image sitemap contains link (loc), description (caption), location (geo_location) and title information for each image on the website.

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